Doggie Doors in Richmond, VA

Is your pet itching to get outside so often you’ve become Fido’s personal doorman? Take it from Riley, our resident canine spokespooch: Have Ace Glass install a doggie door in your garage door or regular door! We provide the following pet door solutions in Richmond, Virginia:

  • Pet door installation in your existing door (glass doors, regular doors, garage doors)
  • Dog doors for sliding doors
  • New glass doors with pet doors already
  • Doggie door repairs and modifications
  • More! Call us now: 804-379-3368

If you are located in Richmond, Va, and are looking to have a pet door installed in your glass door, and/or need a new glass door with a pet door included, we can handle it!

We often work with French doors or sliding glass doors, but we are able to work on all other types of doors as well. We will arrive on site to assess the best door for you and for your pet, whether you have cats, a large Labrador, or a petite Pekingese. Ace Glass understands the importance of both form and function when it comes to installing pet doors in glass fixtures, so we will listen to your specific needs to help you decide which door is right for you, and Fido.

We cannot stress enough that this is not a home project you want to try to tackle yourself. Glass doors are delicate mechanisms requiring experienced, expert technicians when it comes to installing pet doors. Ace Glass will install your pet door with the experience only a professional can provide, giving you the peace of mind you want when undertaking a major change to your home. Calling Ace Glass to help you choose and install the perfect pet door will ensure years of your four-legged critters exiting and entering the house whenever they want, and without you having to wait all night for Fifi to finish her business.

Contact us today to set up an appointment for an on-site assessment and free estimate. We are definitely pet friendly!

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