Lifetime No Leak Warranty

Each technician at Ace Glass has between 10 and 45 years of experience. We take pride in the quality work that we deliver, and satisfied customers are our best advertisement. This is why we offer a limited lifetime warranty from any leaking or wind noise, and workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle.

Please note that you must have your receipt for the warranty, and the warranty is non transferable. If the vehicle was brought into the shop for the initial service, it must be brought back to the shop for warranty work to be performed. If the “pinch weld” (the bonding surface where the windshield is glued to the vehicle) has rust or is in poor condition, this could minimize the warranty from 1-5 year depending on the severity of the damage.

Warranty on Dealer Parts

If you have a dealer part such as a window motor, window regulator, door glass motor, door glass regulator, sunroof motor, electrical, or mechanical part installed by Ace Glass, the workmanship carries a lifetime warranty, and the part carries a separate manufacturer’s warranty from the dealership which is generally 30-90 days from the time of purchase.

Windshield Rock Chip Repair Guarantee

Ace Glass guarantees our rock chip repairs from spreading for as long as you own the vehicle. If the windshield splits from where the chip repair was made, we will credit the amount of the windshield repair and apply that towards the windshield replacement. If the chip repair was done through insurance, the amount charged to the insurance company will be deducted from the windshield replacement when it is billed to the insurance company.

If the windshield splits during the windshield rock chip repair process, there will be no charge.

If the windshield repair is successful and you are not happy with the way it looks, we will credit the cost of the repair towards the purchase of a new windshield.