Windshield and Sunroof Water Leak Repair Service

Having a water leak in your vehicle can be a very irritating problem that can cause a lot of damage. Generally people tend to point towards the windshield as the cause of the leak if they find water in the floor board….especially if they have recently had their windshield replaced. Occasionally we find the windshield to be the cause, but most of the time we find the leak problem to be coming from somewhere else.

Ace glass has become proficient at pinpointing water leaks for one main reason. If we put a windshield in a customer’s vehicle and they come back 6 months later with water in the floor board, naturally the finger will be pointed at the windshield as the cause. Because of this, it is our job to either find the leak in the windshield and fix it, or find out where the leak is coming from so we can prove that it is not the windshield leaking.

We have water leak testing methods such as using foam and high pressured air, or water testing by using large amounts of water in an effort to recreate the leak. By doing this we are able to find leaks in many odd places. However, most of the leaks we find come from somewhere in the firewall, around the fresh air intake or under the cowl, around a door seal, or a large amount of the time we find the water coming from the sunroof. Debris, dirt and grime build up over the years just from the natural environment. When this happens it can clog drainholes or other crevices causing the water to overflow back into the car. If not caught in time, these leaks can infiltrate your electronics in your vehicle and cause some serious and expensive problems.

Don’t let a body or auto service shop charge you an hourly fee to try to find the leak in your car. Bring it to the water leak professionals at Ace Glass where you know your problem will be solved.

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