How to Get the Most out of Your Car Battery This Winter

The winter can be harsh on most car parts, especially the battery. The fact is, that your car battery loses 33% of its juice when the temperature plunges below freezing, and 50% of its power when temperature falls below zero. Car batteries are a lot like humans, where they need to be maintained to help them last longer through the biting cold. Winter is tough on vehicle batteries for several reasons mainly because the oil inside the engines has thickened, making it harder to turn and consequently demanding more power from the battery. Another reason for increased battery payload is that chemical reactions that generate power are generally slower at low temperatures.

It’s not just rock chip repairs we know about here at Ace Glass, we also know about battery life and other general car safety tips! If your battery is old, it is highly recommended that you have it tested to ensure it is in good working order and won’t let you down on the road. But there are also a few things you can do to ensure you’re battery don’t give up on you.

How old is your Battery? – Most vehicle batteries tend to last approximately 5 years, some a bit longer, so if your powerhouse has passed this date, it’s time to get it replaced immediately. This check should be performed when preparing your vehicle for the winter instead of saving this task for the last minute. Even if your battery is newer than five years, but is acting up, it’s time to have it looked at by a professional.

Maintaining the Charge – if you use your vehicle for short commutes or if it remains still for long periods of time, investing in a newer battery conditioner intelligent charge. By using such a device, you extend the battery’s longevity without overcharging it.

Keeping your battery Warm – most car batteries are placed in a fitting spot, but there’s still some room around it. Use this extra space to keep the battery warm with an insulation blanket. This type of plastic is readily available at most car parts retailers and keep the battery warm in the winter and cool in the summer, while simultaneously extended the battery’s lifespan.

Extending the life of your Battery – try not to overload the electrical systems of your vehicle such as running the heater on constantly or even the air-conditioner in the summer. Another thing that will make your battery last longer in the winter and summer is to shut off all electrical systems when you park including headlights, heater, boot light and even audio systems. Also dip the clutch when starting especially if you have an older battery.

Taking Precautions – Even though you may prepare your car and its parts for the worse, you may be faced with unpredictable situations. To safeguard yourself, it is important to by carrying a first aid kit, a small maintenance box with accessories such as a flashlight and even registering with the RAC and AAA.

So before winter comes around, give your vehicle a comprehensive check to avoid any inconveniences on the road.

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