Most Common Causes of Broken Windshields

Here at Ace Glass we know that windshields are one of the most exposed parts of a vehicle, are fragile and hence are more prone to damage. But fact is that most damage caused to windshields is not from road related accidents, so it is good to take note of a few factors to try and prevent the unforeseeable.

Rock Chips:

Rock chips aka stone chips are the most common cause of damage to windshields, and unfortunately at most instances are unavoidable. Often a crack in a windshield due to a rock chips begins as a small crack, which in most cases is repairable, but anything over 6 inches will need new windshield replacement. There are several types of windshield cracks such as bull’s eye, combination break, ding, crack chip, half moon, floater crack, partial bull’s eye and long crack among others. Although not completely preventable, there are a few things you can do to steer clear of rock or stone chips coming at your windshield. This is when a rock chip repair is essential

Rock Chip Repair

Mud flaps are often seen on larger vehicles particularly on semi and dump trucks. These larger vehicles not only throw stone and rock chips as they travel, but also tend to throw them further. So if you find yourself near a mud flap appointed vehicle, you best bet is to try and move. But fact is that even simple 2 tire and 4 tire vehicles can kick up rocks and it’s not possible to stay clear of all of them. For this, you simply have to use common sense and implement good driving habits such as tailgating and maintaining extra caution when you notice a vehicle or a truck pull up beside or drive in front of you.

Structural Weaknesses:

There are several windshields that are cracked approximately 3 inches away from the tip of the end mold. This is generally a result of a weak manufacturing process caused by the thermal effect during the manufacturing process. Given the fact that glass is made up of small particles and not liquid, these particles are unable to grip to the edge where no glass exists. Adding to this, the mechanical stress used to craft the glass and bind it with the interior plastic liner may cause imperfections and increase shock and the chances of cracks.


Unfortunately, car vandalism is unpredictable, but there are a few things you can to prevent it. For starters, always make it a point to park in well lit areas or even an indoor or locked garage. If you don’t have access to any of the above, park your car where it is clearly visible such as in areas that do not block your field of vision. You should have done this already, but in case you overlooked it for whatever reason, it is important to have an industry certified car alarm system installed in your vehicle. This will not only prevent thieves from prying into your vehicle, but also cut costs considerably on car insurance premiums.

Moisture can cause cracks in your windshield to expand at an alarming rate so it important to have damages to your windshield look at as soon as possible before they spiral out of control, making them more expensive to fix.

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