The Rise Of The “Smart” Windshield

Within the last couple of years, SMART cars have been making an impact, and I don’t mean the “Smart” car, produced by Mercedes. As an ever-expanding society where we need to access information on the go, we our now finding on our roads with built in apps to change the functionality of our driving styles.

What is being tested now however, is an actual SMART windshield. It has been tested by Glasgow university and is being more thoroughly tested by BMW. The theory is sound, it is designed so you have a heads-up display which can show the position of other vehicles on the highway in thick fog.

Researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University have developed a smart heads-up-display for cars (shown). It can alert drivers to other cars on the road in poor weather conditions

One of the main options is the 3D simulation system, which lets let the driver tackle highways in extremely dense fog and then alternating the display with the SMART options enabled, allowing the driver to see other vehicles on the highway. It is expected that this system will be widespread once further testing has been completed. More than a 150 trials have already been underway with one common theme being a dramatic improved response time from the driver. This would ensure a dramatically improved response time for the majority of drivers on the road and would reduce rear collision accidents it is estimated by up to 70%!

This has been a problem that has plagued drivers for countless years and with a solution in sight, let us hope that it doesn’t give drivers on the road false confidence in these conditions. Also not to mention the cost involved of replacing such a windshield if it were to smash or receive a crack. If you do find yourself with a broken windshield however, be sure to contact Ace Glass in Richmond and they will replace your windshield, no matter how SMART it is!




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