A Clean Windshield Means A Clean Driving Experience

With heavy downpours early in the year, to the hot dusty summer months (depending where you live of course), with bugs throwing themselves at your windshield and birds leaving white deposits right in your field of vision, we know that it is essential to have a clean clear windshield. Not only does it enhance your safety but it keeps stress levels down, when you can clearly see the road ahead.

One of the biggest issues that makes your windshield even dirtier are you wiper blades. To reserve the life of your wiper blades, you need to periodically clean them.  They get clogged and get stuck to the glass with grit and dirt. Grab a damp cloth and wipe the edges of your wiper blades every time you clean your car. Just soapy water is best, if you use a lot of car cleaning products on your wiper blades it is all too easy to leave a residue on the blade resulting in a streaking and a filmy haze on your windshield – you would rather the dirt than that as you wont be able to see anything at all if you do that!

dirty windshield

It is very common for car owners to just replace their wiper blades periodically when they take there car in for the annual service, this is however not necessary if you look after them right and clean then periodically. Also wiper blades are not cheap for many modern cars as they use specially designed flat wiper blades which have dual tension springs, which allow the blade to increase the down force and apply pressure when cleaning the wiping the windshield.

Just make it part of your regular car maintenance such as checking tire pressure, oil, and coolant. Your wiper blades should last for years. If you have a broken windshield, call Ace Glass in Richmond, for quick and affordable windshield repair.

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