How Keep Car Windows From Fogging

Fogging windows are one of those things that can make you late for work, as you try to defrost your car first thing in the morning. It doesn’t matter if you wipe them, in a matter or seconds they fog straight back up again as a result of  moisture inside the car. Often times the cause is the change in temperature inside the car, against the temperature outside car.

Your car heater, once warm, will be able to deal with the fogging. Don’t expect your cars heater to fix the condensation the moment you turn the key, as the engine needs to warm up first in order for the heaters to get their heat. If your car heaters are not working you’re going to find it difficult to warm the glass up to match the temperature inside the car.

Another big cause of windows fogging is dirt. Moisture sticks to dirty, oily surfaces so make sure your windows are spotless. Are you one of those people who rub the inside of the windscreen with your hand? You’ll notice that all this does is leave a smear mark on your windscreen and the fogging soon appears again. You’re also making the windscreen dirty again which makes it worse. You shouldn’t have to use your hands to wipe away the condensation, your heaters once warm should deal with moisture.

Wet clothes are another cause of windows fogging, so don’t be surprised if you’re soaking wet, that your car constantly fogs up. If you leave wet clothes or towels for example a dog towel or blanket in the boot then this could be the culprit to your windows fogging. If you do get caught out in the rain put your clothes to the back of the car so that they’re not fogging up the windscreen. You can cut the fogging in this situation by opening the windows slightly.

You can cut the delay in the morning to defrost your windscreen by laying a sheet over the windscreen at night and then pulling it off in the morning. This will cut ice build up and giving your heaters a chance. Do not be tempted to put boiling or even hot water on your windshield, it will crack. If your are looking for cracked windshield repair in Richmond, be sure to call Ace Glass at 804-379-4799!



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